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Cheers to a winning business partnership!!

Hi all!! And, here’s the latest new news in my art world and one I feel very proud of sharing with you: recently I joined forces with Chandler Gallery an art institution in Jupiter Beach, FL, Palm Beach County, owned by super art entrepreneur Joanie Rammer!! This means that in addition to my work being available directly through my website, part of my fine art portfolio will now be available through Chandler Gallery.

For over 20 years CG founder, Joanie Rammer, of Jupiter, Florida, has been known for her dedication to detail: exquisite craftsmanship and commitment to perfection that cater to:

· Professional Artists who value a first-class dealer who will promote and sell their works in a most professional environment.

· Discerning clients with individual tastes that require custom framing.

· Businesses that need that personalized attention to detail that expresses the identity of their business.

So, check out some of my works available at Chandler Gallery and let’s keep this conversation going!!

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