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Happy Red New Year!!! And, a brand new show to view my work!!

Hello friends and welcome to the 2022! Wish you and your loved ones a very healthy and prosperous new year!!

It’s been three weeks since the launch of my new virtual space and gallery and thanks for your well wishes and comments around the quality and functionality of the page!!

I’m very thankful that 2022 has started with a big bang with the selection of "Chacho’s World”, to the Wayne Art Center’s Attraction to Abstraction juried show, which runs through January 29. “Chacho’s World” is a fun abstraction of my interactions with one of my pups: it’s all about his world regardless of who is around to play with him. But he’s made it prime time and that is quite exciting to me.

Chacho's World (mixed media 30 in x40 in), now showing in Wayne Art Center's Attraction to Abstraction! If you're around, don't miss the show; running through January 29!!!

And, yes, to the Red New Year jawn!! I couldn't stop seeing in red as the new year pulled in; the color red is my kryptonite and after attending a wonderful concert of Schumann's concerto, it all came together. "Concert in Red Major" is my first work of art in 2022, and it's available to collectors!! It's a large piece, mixed media canvas, 30 in x 40 in:

I hope the vermillion visual vibes of Concert in Red Major is of your liking; and, if you want to take it home shoot me a note.....I love the tidbits I left around for your enjoyment.....let's talk soon!

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